46 thoughts on “W+K Super Bowl Spots

  1. Matt

    Guys, I think the Chrysler spot is one of those ads. Not Clio good, not sales bump good, but like Apple 1984 good.

  2. MEL2NYC

    Hey Portland. Detroit thanks you for featuring the “D” and Chrysler with a voice that commanded attention.
    No matter how much chatter or beer gulped during the commercials, this spot made people stop and turn to the tube to catch the buzz.
    Excellent work.

  3. DP

    Eyes widened, heart raced, and goosbumps formed as you told the story of our city. Few have captured the unique cohesion of beauty and struggle Detroit has faced. Thank you!

  4. Robert Bruce

    The Chrysler is the best fucking thing I’ve seen in years.
    Thought you guys were working on Brand Oregon or some such? Do it, please.

  5. jon arnold

    thanks guys for the chrysler spot. a much needed dose of pride in a ad world filled with monkeys and beer jokes. now, please, please, do a nike spot for next year. we need you.

  6. Paul Czarnik - Detroit, MI

    Everyone in Detroit is talking about the Chrysler ad. We want to know the name of the genius who came up with “Imported from Detroit”. You rock!

  7. Sam Mills

    After listening to poets in Detroit for 30 years try and nail down what it is to say “I’m from Detroit” (many try, not all can do it), I want to add your Chrysler ad to some of the best I’ve heard. Thank you, unnamed copywriter(s).

  8. David Dietzgen

    It’s funny I think Portland needs a stoked hype as well. but America needs the Detroit Stoke more then ever! And we may all be stoked, but we must beleive.

  9. Victorc503

    The Chrysler ad and new tag line “Imported from Detroit” is Absolutely Impressive! It actually makes me want to go look at the new Chrysler line up – the 200 especially! Also, the narration over Eminem’s 8mile song creates the emotion of an underdog’s comeback story that America would LOVE to embrace. Good work W+K!!
    The Coke Ads, however, didn’t make me want to buy a coke. I’m not sure I’d call them failures since their purpose may have been to merely extend the brand to have meaning beyond the beverage, but neither impressed me. As a die hard Coke enthusiast (with a tattoo that reads “a product of the Coca-Cola Company”) I have high expectations for Coke marketing. …I just didn’t get what I wanted from those two ads and felt let down.

  10. Melanie

    Re: Chrysler Super Bowl Ad- Great, great work-
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for “getting” the vibe here in Detroit. Finally, an accurate representation of a proud city on its way back up.

  11. Peggy Fenwick

    Brilliant work on the Chrysler ad. Detroit is buzzing with excitement! Imported from Detroit is a great slogan…get those t-shirt machines crankin! Congratulations.

  12. scotty

    One out of four. Not bad.
    If I was Coke I would be way disappointed this morning. It was interesting to hear the music of Handel (Sarabande) which reminded me of the early 2’K Levi commercial the Odyssey and really did not feel like what we have come to expect from w+k.

  13. Chris Buzille

    I spent the morning looking on how to invest in stocks for w+k, and was disappointed when I found out it was privately owned. The Chrysler ad was beyond what words can say! I am not a Chrysler fan, but you guys had me wanting to go out & buy one. Best ad from the big game, hands down!

  14. Cynthia Hoffman

    The Eminem Chrysler spot was hands-down the best, in my opinion. Leave it to W+K… You guys are still the best! Love, Cynthia (Portland freelancer, 1997)

  15. Rob Z.

    As someone who works in advertising and has ties to both Portland and Detroit, thank you for the emotional and heartfelt Chrysler commercial. I’m proud of the message you sent about Detroit, as well as the fact that it came from an Oregonian.

  16. pt.

    Wow, lots of sugar coating going on here… I thought all the W+K ads were lame. In fact, all the super bowl ads were lame.

  17. Marty

    This is the Motor City…Imported from Detroit! I have worked with many of Chrysler’s ad shops trying to nail the spirit of Chrysler/Americana and never got there, but this is really strong and proud work! Way to go, much better than that Chevy runs deep BS. But how do you make it about Chrysler not Eminem or Detroit? Or is it all the same anyway??? Can’t wait to see the follow-up ads. Don’t let them water them down!

  18. Barbara Boz

    The Chrysler Superbowl spot was the most impressive ad work I’ve seen in a very long time…unlike the typical incessant noise, you dug deep and spoke to core values of Detroit, its people and its products. ‘Imported from Detroit’ is brilliant. On a national scale, I think that most every city and town in America has experienced some level of devastation and rebuilding…your message spoke to everyone’s issues and national pride…not just about Detroit…that’s why this spot hit home with so many. For a fact, Chrysler will be considered for a next purchase by many…and those of us who have previously purchased foreign will re-think that too. Congrats for this substantial piece of work…it should bring you many more commissions.

  19. Christine

    I loved the Chrysler/Eminem commercial. So many agencies/marketers forget that it’s EMOTION that builds and deepens consumers’ relationship with a brand – and that makes people buy. Kudos for an amazing ad and for convincing the client that a 2 minute ad would do more than 4 3-seconds ads. Awesome!

  20. Laura Hazen

    Thanks for the great Chrysler ad! It was a work of art and the most beautiful commercial ever! You may be in Portland but you captured “the D” perfectly. Thank you for showing the pride we have in our city.

  21. Saki

    Loved the Chrysler commercial and as a former figure skater and fan of the sport it was great to see Alissa Czisny! Detroit and its environs has been the recent home base of several US and Olympic figure skating champions, I appreciate that it was not-overlooked!

  22. Heather

    As a former Detroit, thank you for honestly capturing the city that all those who have called Detroit their home love, and sharing it with all those who have never been there. It’s gritty and tough, and strong and beautiful. Thank you.

  23. Linda

    start with the last commercial, from coke, no appeal , no connection.
    2nd coke ad, actually get’s better once you see it more than once.
    Chrysler ad, first time watching, feel emotion, second time I watched it, find the intro too long, with the voice and area shots too simple, however the ad stays strong when it “starts” with the hand on the wheel and music.
    tag line is the best of all.

  24. John Biggar

    As a Detroiter, great job on the Chrysler ad and capturing images of Detroit that weren’t “ruin porn”. You even found Chris at the Guardian Building.
    We need about 50 more ads like this to help us remember we are all in this together as Detroiters. Unfortunately the divide between Detroit and the burbs, leading to the creation of two Detroits, one for the incredibly poor and the other for everyone else, hinders us from advancing forward. My business partner and I bought an abandoned factory building in Detroit and converted it to luxury lofts and all we heard was “why are we wasting our time in Detroit”, instead of what a great idea to further Detroit’s future. We are our own worst enemies at times.
    You should check out Mindfield Pictures in Detroit. Their work has the “vibe” you portrayed in the ad and they have an incredibly creative team.

  25. Kevin

    THANK YOU W&K. As a lifelong Detroiter and manufacturer here, I was bursting with pride and a renewed spirit after watching your Imported from Detroit commercial. More, please!

  26. tp

    Chrysler’s Born of Fire was the best commercial ever, Super Bowl or otherwise. It was pure perfection of a collaboration of many genius minds, from Marchionne of Chrysler to Staples and Allen of W&K. You took many risks and they paid off many times over. Congratulations on a fabulous job, you made many people so proud.

  27. Yalanda

    Just an amazing spot for Chrysler. I watch genuine (positive)emotional reactions from a group of people who are not fans of Detroit and certainly not of Chrysler. You could hear a pin drop the room was so quiet. The tagline was EPIC. Congrats!

  28. Bompa

    I love the line “Imported from Detroit”, that spot is very clever and generates reactions on everyone who watched for sure.

  29. Eliot Tuckerman

    Brilliant concept and execution…clearly in a class by itself. Whereas most Superbowl spots try to get your attention by either outrageous humor or whiz-bang production elements, this was a spot that actually inspired you, paid homage to a once-great city and drove home a powerful message of rebirth of that city and the products it can produce. Kudos to the entire creative team. And that tag line, “Imported from Detroit.”…..perfect!

  30. Christine Esler

    made in Detroit…flippin amazing … love, love, love this commercial…there is another chrysler ad on at the moment too…kind of dark…kind of amazing…and thoughtful..love that one too…brilliance in advertising..I look forward to them coming on…I can’t wait to see them again!!! unusual for a commercial!

  31. Rita Cole

    Love “Imported from Detroit” great tag line and the spirit projected from the ad is very touching.. from a Michiganer whose daddy worked for Chrysler for 49 years… and our family still only drives American made! Keep it up!! Can’t wait to buy a Chrysler 200!!

  32. isabelle

    Imported from Detroit. Epic. Please keep blowing our minds W+K! Amazing stuff that you are putting out!

  33. Rich

    Please settle an argument — is the Emerald City . . . A) the capital city of OZ or B) Seattle?


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