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By Matt Moore

Some of you may have seen the innards of our home office in the latest episode of Portlandia. Or maybe you caught a glimpse of our digs in the film Art & Copy. But what you haven’t seen, my friends, what you have never tickled your retinas with and what will blow your brain into bits and possibly rearrange your face after seeing – is the W+K office in 3D!!!

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Most Innovative Companies 2011 Name of Company Wieden-Kennedy

25… it’s not a bad number, really. In fact, we kind of like it. Think about it: When you were 25 you realized that you were half way to 50 and probably decided to do something crazy like go sky diving to remind yourself that you were still young and spritely, damn it. Right? 25: the universal number of a quarter life crisis. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? After today, we think so.

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Say Hey to New Portlanders

IMG_2484 (Large)

By Cheeraz Gormon

As a person of color when you get on a airplane headed to Portland you get a clear idea of what the population is like in the destination city. And as a person of color, if you’re on that plane with a one-way ticket culture shock just may start to sit in mid-flight. Well, last night at Wieden+Kennedy if you were one of those melanin enhanced persons who started to wonder if there were more than ten people in the city who looked like you, you were relieved of that perturbed feeling at “Say Hey”.

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