The Old Spice Super Fan: Have you Ever Done the Wave?

By Dean McBeth

The answer is: of course you have. You’ve shown your enthusiasm for your favorite team. You’ve participated in a group rally to help show your school spirit. When a sea of arms wave across a large stadium, you can’t help but opt-in.

Imagine a wave that starts online. Come on, you can picture it. Anyone whose been playing with Twitter or mobile check-in applications (Foursquare, GoWalla, Facebook Places) has seen a mash-up of little pins of activity all-over a local Google map. Now imagine that activity starting from one source. One single individual that starts (essentially) a great big fan wave.

No, the wave won’t be for their favorite sports team or because they’ve shuffled into a school assembly with 1,000 of their peers. This wave will start because people really appreciate the character of the Old Spice Guy (played by actor Isaiah Mustafa). And, we’ve brought him back to introduce the world to the Freshest Places on Earth.

And, because fans of Old Spice are already winners and all deserve a cake, what better way to thank one Super Fan than giving them the exclusive ability to see and share the newest Old Spice advertisement. A video released on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter announces this twist, but notice there’s no contest or sweepstakes involved; simply be a fan of the brand.

If you’re thinking we’re picking an already popular social media maven, think twice. We do want the Super Fan to be active on multiple channels, but their affinity for Old Spice will far outweigh their network of influence. Maybe it makes someone internet famous? Who knows? We do know that a committee (Old Spice and W+K) will be busy combing the internets. Maybe it’s you?

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