Monthly Archives: January 2011

The Old Spice Super Fan: Have you Ever Done the Wave?

By Dean McBeth

The answer is: of course you have. You’ve shown your enthusiasm for your favorite team. You’ve participated in a group rally to help show your school spirit. When a sea of arms wave across a large stadium, you can’t help but opt-in.

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Seeing Double

Yesterday, Creativity and Ad Age named us Agency of the Year. Ad Age described it as “a two-fer, a double-double, snake eyes” because it marks the first time that both publications have named the same agency. What an honor. To say that we are grateful is an understatement. We are so proud of our team of folks who have worked hard to make this happen. And, big thanks to Creativity, Ad Age and all those reading this for your support. This is exactly why we always strive to fail harder. Onward and upward to 2011!

Community Manager Appreciation Day

The social web is about people, not technology, and thus, there's a unique communication style when people engage in conversations online. Good thing we've got community managers: those folks who can help shepherd everyone along through the intricacies of online communication.

Today is the 2nd annual Community Manager Appreciation Day, and we're sending a big thank-you to our growing team of community managers here at Wieden+Kennedy: Agatha Asch, Ken Brady, Larry Lac, Chris Dukeminier, Dean McBeth, and Ginevra Kirkland.

Check out Twitter for the ongoing conversation on #CMAD, read Jeremiah's wrap-up on all the ways the web is celebrating CMAD, or for the more visual among us, here's Get Satisfaction's handy-dandy infograph: "Inside The Mind Of A Community Manager".