W+K Platform

W+K London's is seeking talent to take part in their Research & Development lab experiment called Platform. We are looking for people from technology and anthropological backgrounds. The aim of their work will be to provide W+K and our clients with new ways for brands to engage and interact with people in the future.
We need super-smart people who are keen to explore the future through themes such as play, sustainability, mobile and story-telling. They will need to be proven in their specialist field, and be free for a minimum of 3 months, up to a maximum of 9 months, to work on multiple projects.The specific areas of skills we are looking for include physical computing, social media, augmented reality, gaming and interaction design. NB: we're not looking for budding designers, art directors or copywriters as part of this initiative.
There is no deadline for entries, as we are running a rolling recruitment program. However, we are ready to start, so if you apply now you have a better chance of getting in.

Here’s the deal: £350 per week, space in our office, royalty share of profit for successful ideas and a link 
to W+K's worldwide creative network. All candidates will need to be resident in the EU or have a valid work visa for the UK. Apply now by sending your portfolio to sam.brookes@wk.com, or contact her for further info.

We’d also like you to send an outline of an R&D project that you’d like to carry out at W+K Platform. 

For more info on Platform and to see some of what happened in season one, have a look at the Platform blog. Also check out the work of Platform Season One .