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NYLookbookW+K New York Interns, Lakiesha Herman and Nia Groce, sent out a survey to their co-workers asking them a few questions about their fashion and trendy styles. Upon visiting Portland this week, they asked our office to do the same and submit photos to add to the mix. Which office will have the most style? Check out their Lookbook so far.

5 thoughts on “W+K Lookbook

  1. Nia

    OMG, this is so exciting! Maybe we can continue and check out the styles at the international offices as well…should serve for some interesting finds! 😉

  2. Sunny Fridge

    The Department of Mass Communications at Jackson State University is very proud of W+K New York intern Lakiesha Herman! Great job everyone!

  3. Professor Angela Harris

    This looks like a really fun assignment. I say take it global! My vote is for the penguin faced beanie paired with the retro glasses look. I think the next fashion trend has been unleashed! Who makes that hat? I want to buy some stock!
    Congratulations Nia and Lakiesha! You both continue to differentiate yourselves as being among the brightest, best and most creative. I’m so proud of you. You both have the full support of the Howard University John H. Johnson School of Communications and CEA program cheering you on.

  4. Lakiesha Herman

    Thank you. It was really exciting to take on and fun to see how everyone has their own style and how it differentiates between New York and Portland. Having Dan Wieden show off his duds was pretty awesome as well!
    I would most definitely be interested in giving you suggestions and feedback. You will be hearing from me soon 🙂

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