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September 1st Thursday

Two great shows happening in our lobby on Thursday evening. 

The 1 Millimeter Project by Chris Hornbecker313mm
1. Shoot a new photo every day.
2. Each day increase the focal length one millimeter.
3. Retouch and post this new image before going to sleep.
4. No cheating.

What’s your favorite lens?  What do you like about it?  It’s all about perspective. Which lens makes things feel more romantic, intimate, dreamlike, or distorted? With so many preferences on which lenses are the best, I chose to explore each focal length and experience the subtle differences and characteristics. For this project I would use each focal length, complete one each day, and repeat for 387 days in a row (14mm through 400mm, the range of lenses in 1mm increments).  This would give me the opportunity to see in a different perspective every day. These are seemingly normal things that wouldn’t garner a second look. However, with the right lens and lighting, show that everything has an interesting story to tell. - Chris Hornbecker

Waterfall A torrential Love Story by Luvers™ 

Countless years ago, the dark, ruthless waterfall hunter and broken superhero Black Diamond fell in love with one of his lovely prey, the tender-hearted waterfall known as Jonya Foss. The exact details of their unusual affair is unknown but we are fortunate to have these mystical fragments Black Diamond left behind  - including cryptic drawings, photographs, love letters and home video footage – that merely hint at the length, beauty and tragedy of their story. These fragments were discovered by the Waterfall-nurters and historians known as Lovers©, who came across the artifacts near the now-dry beds of Jonya Foss. The Luvers© have assembled an archive to try to make sense of the broken narrative that was left behind. They are calling upon you dear viewers to help unravel this awkward & enchanting love story.

More info here: 
Luvers© is (Krista Connerly &Mark Shepherd

W+K Platform

W+K London's is seeking talent to take part in their Research & Development lab experiment called Platform. We are looking for people from technology and anthropological backgrounds. The aim of their work will be to provide W+K and our clients with new ways for brands to engage and interact with people in the future.
We need super-smart people who are keen to explore the future through themes such as play, sustainability, mobile and story-telling. They will need to be proven in their specialist field, and be free for a minimum of 3 months, up to a maximum of 9 months, to work on multiple projects.The specific areas of skills we are looking for include physical computing, social media, augmented reality, gaming and interaction design. NB: we're not looking for budding designers, art directors or copywriters as part of this initiative.
There is no deadline for entries, as we are running a rolling recruitment program. However, we are ready to start, so if you apply now you have a better chance of getting in.

Here’s the deal: £350 per week, space in our office, royalty share of profit for successful ideas and a link 
to W+K's worldwide creative network. All candidates will need to be resident in the EU or have a valid work visa for the UK. Apply now by sending your portfolio to, or contact her for further info.

We’d also like you to send an outline of an R&D project that you’d like to carry out at W+K Platform. 

For more info on Platform and to see some of what happened in season one, have a look at the Platform blog. Also check out the work of Platform Season One .

Portland Monthly Sept Issue

Though Jason, Eric and Iain are super excited about an invite to Portland Monthly's dinner table, sadly they have to decline, as they are too busy, concepting their next (how do we top this) endeavor.

Pie Lab

Outside of P.I.E, every Friday now. What is PieLab? It's part social experiment part delicious food cart. W+K Studio Designer, Brad Simon designed the hand painted sign. PieLab01PieLab02Check them out on Twitter.  Come by and check them out in person on Fridays. Yummy! Everyone loves Pie!