US vs London: EA fun

Happy World Cup! Electronic Arts is giving you the chance to take a shot at the other side. Leading up to historic US v England confrontation on Saturday, EA is encouraging smack talk in a whole new way. Fans on both sides of the pond will be able to have their messages to the opposition kicked over the big drink and printed on a ball that will come out on the other side. If you are in LA or London today it's worth the trip to participate. In London stop by Leicester Square, 5p-9p BST. In LA stop by Universal CityWalk, 10a-2p PST.  


And if you aren’t there in person you can add your message to the mix on Facebook and Twitter.

U.S. fans can Tweet to @BallstotheBrits. People on the ground in LA (Universal CityWalk) can type a message on-site, have it printed on a soccer ball and fired from a billboard in Leicester Square, London.

England fans can Tweet insults to @BallstotheYanks. People on the ground in Leicester Square can do the same thing and have their message printed on a ball and shout of a billboard at CityWalk.

Spread the word on Facebook London and LA.