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Bon Voyage

Sadly, today is Alison Bonner and her lovely dog Jack's last day at W+K. This summer they will be fetching a plane to Sweden for some new adventures. We wish them the best. Bon Voyage!

Come Together Home


Block 14 in Lone Fir Cemetery, the first Chinese burial ground in Portland—and site of as many as 1,500 burials—now stands as a fenced off void of gravel after most of the remains were exhumed and shipped back to China in 1928 & 1949. Sixty years later, Director Ivy Lin follows the footsteps of the missing 1949 shipment in an extraordinary journey from Portland to Hong Kong. 

May 31, 7pm.

The Kennedy School History Pub
5736 NE 33rd Ave.

There will be a Q&A with the Ivy following the screening

Author, Steve Almond

Steve Almond played Styx. He played “I Can’t Stand Losing You” by The Police. AC/DC’s “Back in Black.” Even some M.C. Hammer. Steve Almond is not the lead singer in a schizophrenic cover band. He is the author of the book Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life. Last Tuesday, he serenaded the agency with tales of being a rock critic in El Paso, visiting Graceland whilst stoned, and what he calls a “credibility-shattering” endorsement of Styx’s Paradise Theater. He synched up songs to go with his writing. In short, he rocked us to our very souls.

Do your ears and mind a favor and order yourself a copy of Steve’s book here

Or get a little preview of it here:

As an encore, Steve also told us about his adventures in self-publishing, and put up copies of his work, This Won’t Take But A Minute Honey, and Letters From People Who Hate Me. You can read more about the story behind these two works here:

We salute you, Mr. Almond. But not a regular salute. A head-banging-sign-of-the-goat-jumping-off-a-stage-while-pyrotechnics-simultaneously-fire salute.  

Raw Faith

On Friday, a documentary Joint have been working on for the past two years called RAW FAITH will premiere in Portland at the Hollywood Theater. It played at the Nashville Film Festival last month and did pretty well. It was named 2010-Human-Spirit-Award-Winner. Also Sheryl Crow wrote an original song for it and she appeared at the premiere in Nashville.

Trailer is on the website

Big Congratulations to everyone who worked on it.

Peter Wiedensmith: Director/Cameraman
Katie Turinski: Co-Editor 
Patty Brebner, Neil Kopp, Scott MacEachern and Ashley MacEachern Co-Producers
Steve, Jess, Dave and Charlie from Joint: Magic Makers
Chris Larson: Poster design
Kris Hanson, Jason Strand and Josh Perez: Web Design and Production
Bill Davenport: WKEntertainment

It will be showing in Portland for THREE DAYS at the HOLLYWOOD THEATRE: 


There will be a Q&A with the film’s subject and our very own Peter Wiedensmith afterward. 

You can buy tickets here

You don't want to miss it.