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Lucky Jerks


We all put out names in the hopper for tickets to the Blazer Play-off game tonight. None of us won except for Jason Schwartz and Joe Favre who not only recieved two court-side tickets but also the animosity of their co-workers.



We hope you choke on your nachos.

One Step Big Shot

Jack Nicklaus

Drew Barrymore 

Saturday, May 15th will see the opening of One Step Big Shot: Portraits by Andy Warhol and Gus Van Sant. Whether for casting or screen printing, the exhibit explores the use of Polaroid photography between these two artists.

Register today for your spot on the reserved bus coach. The registration fee is $10 and covers your round trip from Portland to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Register here.

Saturday May 15th
3:00 – 4:00 pm – View "Cut-ups” at PDX.
Light refreshments will be served.

PDX Contemporary Art
925 Northwest Flanders Street
Portland, OR 97209

Pickups will be at the following locations:
Bus Departure – 4:00 pm in Portland on NW 9th at Flanders
Bus Departure – 4:30 pm at Bridgeport Village 

This event is approved by John Jay.

Goodbye Half&Half



Hello Co-Workers,

In the year 2000, shortly after Wieden + Kennedy moved to its home in the Pearl, a friend and I opened up a tiny little cafe across the way from Powell's Books. We named it Half & Half. We made a wren our mascot, had a taxidermy display, sold cigarettes and fluffernutter sandwiches, and didn't put out a tip jar until our customers yelled at us.  We were the only coffee shop selling Stumptown coffee in a 5 mile radius. A lot has changed in 10 years. I like to think that Half & Half contributed to the food and arts culture in more ways than just making great pie and deviled eggs. We invented more than 300 sandwiches, and painstakingly named every single one. We sold coffee delivered to us by bicycle. We made iced sweet tea for all you displaced southerners. We served unemployed musicians, artists, architects, students, strippers, construction workers, freaks and ad-folks with equal zeal. You can find us in a YACHT video, a Gus Van Sant movie, and a TV spot for the Oregon Lottery. If it wasn't for Half & Half, I probably wouldn't be working at Wieden + Kennedy. And now, after 9 years and 7 months in business, we are closing shop. On April 30th, we will make our batches of deviled eggs and iced coffee and we will say goodbye to a community that helped create some of the best 500 sq feet the world has to offer. Half & Half could not have existed in any place but Portland, in any time but the last decade, and without the customers and staff who supported and sustained it.

On April 30th we're taking customer portraits outside the cafe and we'll be making sandwiches, deviled eggs and serving Miller High Life until we run out of inventory. We have the space till midnight, so let's see what happens. 

Courier Coffee Roasters will be taking over the space at 923 SW Oak. We've been serving Joel Domreis' hand roasted, bicycle-delivered coffee since 2007 and I know the neighborhood is in excellent hands. 

Fans of the Half & Half are encouraged to visit our page on Facebook and contribute stories or images for a scrapbook zine we hope to have on our 3,495th day of business.

Thanks everybody,



Get yourself (quickly) over to the Half and Half for their last week of coffee, sandwiches and banter.

Sammycase Sammy

Thanks Robin and Jeff, the Half & Half will be missed.

Spike Lee


Spike lee_atrium

Some days are more awesome than others. Yesterday was the kind of awesome where Spike Lee comes to the place that you work and talks about his career in film and advertising and his relationship with Wieden + Kennedy. That kind of awesome.

You may recall that we've done a few tv spots with him
in the past:

We were all lucky enough to sit down with Spike, Bill Davenport and Jim Riswold to hear about how their working relationship developed and evolved over the years.


Then the Spike was good enough to answer our questions about his work and his intense love for sports.

Spike lee_q&aSpike lee_answer

After the Q&A, we all pretty much swarmed him. Many hands were shook and photos taken. We all wanted a piece. Thanks again Mr. Spike Lee!



Remember this? Well Dom and Aubrey did it again, wrangling studio up to throw the second annual Studio Hot Dog Party. Not that we need a lot of coaxing to eat processed meat and drink cheap margaritas. The weather was cooperating and a lucky collision with Formal Fridays brought an unprecedented amount of button up shirts and ties to the scene.


Steve's daughter, Tuesday, got a hold of a camera providing us with some good Kidcam shots.

Tuesdayphotos P1040691P1040676P1040678P1040706

Then we got bored so we decided to race the toddlers. Tuesday has a vicious break away sprint but Morgan has the heart of a winner.


And as things started to cool down, Neevel made an appearance with his hot dog gun.

Neevelgun2 Neevelgun1
It went something like this:

Dogs, tequila, kids, and guns. Thumbs up!