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Episode 6:
Stylish Men

Episode 6 zooms in on three solo male artists who redefine their
respective genres. Bobby Birdman
is the neo electro crooner, Pantha Du Prince twists
knobs and vibrations to his own iconoclastic vision, and Jacques Dutronc is the overlooked gem of French pop.


Episode 6: Skate and Create, Part 4: Artists

D.I.Y. America Episode 6 - Skate and Create, Part 4: Artists
The fourth installment of Skate and Create talks to and about the wide
range of visual artists who have spawned from skate culture. We talk
about the artistic temperament and how it applies to being a
skateboarder, as well as different applications of creativity in
graphics, painting, and other forms of fine art. The segment includes
interviews with icons such as Geoff McFetridge, Andy Jenkins, Thomas
Campbell, Ray Barbee, Kevin Ancell, Thurston Moore, Tony Hawk and


Episode 6: Eggy Records and UHU Tapes

Don't Move Here Episode 6: Eggy Records and UHU Tapes
Episode 6 looks at the return in popularity of cassette tapes with a
focus on two of Portland’s budding cassette tape labels, Eggy and UHU. In the first half, Raf from
Eggy meets us at the Half & Half café and guides us through his
releases as well as some of his faves from around the country. In the
second half of the show, we talk to Yoni from UHU about his process
and why he’s chosen to release cassettes only. The show ends with a
live performance by Yoni’s band, Eternal Tapestry.

Feature of the Week

Episode 10: Belhaven Meridian

Feature of the Week Episode 10: Belhaven Meridian
WKE’s Feature of the Week is available for viewing for seven days.
This one’s a real gem, go get it!
About Kahlil Joseph and Belhaven Meridian:
Belhaven Meridian is an allegorical short film/music video
for Shabazz Palaces (Featuring Butterfly a.k.a. Ish,
formerly of Digable Planets fame) shot in Watts, Los Angeles. The
piece features a cameo by Dante (Ernest Wadell) from the The
which serves as a homage to Charles Burnett’s 1977 classic
film Killer of Sheep. The one continuous shot is photographed
by Matthew J. Lloyd in beautiful 35mm black and white film.
This is the first music video written and directed by Kahlil Joseph,
who utilized three different songs from Shabazz Palace’s self-titled
album to create the sonic landscape for Belhaven Meridian. A West
Coast (Los Angeles, Seattle) based independent filmmaker, Kahlil
served apprenticeships directly out of film school under
filmmaker/cinematographer Malik Sayeed (who is now a frequent
collaborator), photographer Melodie McDaniel and fine artist Doug
Aitken, before striking out on his own in the summer of 2009.
His burgeoning body of work includes O Lamb, a lyrical short
film shot in the Dominican Republic, One Summer, a yet-to-be
released behind the scenes “cine-doc” for Sofia Coppola based on her
upcoming film Somewhere, music videos for artists Shabazz
Palaces and Shafiq (of SA-RA) featuring Bilal and a short film for
fashion house Built by Wendy. He presently is developing
several projects slated for release in 2010.
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