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Thanks, Mom!

While the Olympics will come to a close this Sunday, we wanted to share some of the work we’ve done with Proctor & Gamble to support their sponsorship of Team USA.

P&G has a long history of enabling moms to help their families be at their best. For the moms of Team USA, who have struggled and sacrificed so much to help their children become Olympians, P&G is thanking them for all that they have done.

We created two brand spots, “Kids” and “Never Walk Alone” as well as over 15 product spots.

And launching today, we created “Mom is Always There”, featuring the mom’s of Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancuso, J.R. Celski and Seth Westcott, sharing the moment during their time in Vancouver.

Beyond the integrated campaign, we also helped P&G design and manage the P&G Family Home in Vancouver. The home exists as a place for Team USA moms and their families to gather to watch events, socialize and relax.

We also created a digital platform where you send your mom a message of thanks that will then be displayed in Vancouver and at P&G Headquarters in Cincinnati.

Huge thakns to the core team: Dave Luhr, Tom Blessington, Mark Fitzloff, David Terry, Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley, Ryan O’Rourke, Karl Lieberman, Eric Gabrielson, LTA, Bill Morgan, Lisa Christy, Jordan Muse, Shelley Eisner, Kevin Diller, Ben Grylewicz, Fran O’Connor, Jen Hundis, Jessica Sinn, Laura Caldwell, Joe Favre, Mike Henderson, Joani Wardwell, Shari Eiesland and Christin Spagnoli

Perpetual Love


The Old Spice team rocks it again with a special valentines site to help men be more romantic by doing absolutely nothing. Old Spice's Love application can send endless streams of emails and tweets to your lady that look like they are from you. 

Making of an Old Spice Ad

Leo Laporte from TWiT interviews creatives, Craig Allen and Eric Kallman, to find out how Old Spice "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" was made.         

This Week on WKE: Beautiful.

This week on WKE, Colin Meloy sings us a beautiful
, a cupcake knits us a beautiful
and we feature a
beautiful short film
for seven short days.


Episode 5: Musical Guest: Colin Meloy

Episode 5: Musical Guest: Colin MeloyL-Califunya-Ep-5
Special guest performer Colin Meloy of
The Decemberists walks through the
magic door and sings us a beautiful song.


Episode 11:
Scarf it up, People!

Suzy Mattay, apple of WKE’s collective eye, poses as Rotten Frosting,
the scarf-knitting cupcake.


Remember That Our Skies Are the Same Skies

We chose this film for its combination of beautiful visuals and music.
There’s just something magnetic about it. According to director Chris
Lael Larson, the piece is, “On distance. On environment. On here. On
heat. On commonality. On heart. On there.”
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