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Hand Pulled for Haiti: February 4

Our studio is putting together a gallery show in our lobby this coming first Thursday. Over 34 designed and hand silkscreened posters from our studio and friends will be on display and for sale. Proceeds for the event will benefit Mercy Corp. Wieden+Kennedy will match all funds raised at the opening. Special performance by Les Etrangers. Doors open at 5:30. 

Special Thanks to Studio for working extra hours to get this together so quickly. Seizure Palace, Keegan&Meegan and CrackPress for helping us print. will be doing a free coat check.

Os Gemeos, Marriage Recs, We Have Band + More

D.I.Y. America

Episode 5:
Os Gemeos

Episode 5 of D.I.Y. America features Os Gêmeos
(Portuguese for “The Twins”). These identical twin brothers are from
São Paulo, Brazil. They started painting graffiti in 1987 and
gradually became a major influence in the local scene, helping to
define Brazil’s own style. Stylistically, Os Gêmeos are heavily
influenced by the cryptic art of the São Paulo–based pixação graffiti
movement as well as American hip-hop, which the twins grew up with in
Brazil. The brothers have gained international fame, displaying their
work in exhibitions in major cities in the U.S. and Europe, including
Deitch Projects in New York and Tate
in London.


Episode 5: Marriage Records & Rob Walmart

Episode 5 of Don't Move Here focuses on the community of artists that
surround the Portland-based music label Marriage Records. We interview label owners Curtis Knapp
and Adam Forkner about how the label began, and about the family
ethics behind its operation. Then we talk to Adam about his solo
project, White
, and catch a guerrilla-style street performance by the
Marriage-related collective group Rob Walmart.


Came Out" by We Have Band

WKE’s Feature of the Week is available for viewing for seven days.
This week we have the ground-breaking pop promo for We Have Band’s single, “You Came Out,” from Blinkink Productions and Wieden+Kennedy London.
The music video was created by W+K creatives Fabian Berglund and Ida
Gronblom and Blinkink director David Wilson. The animated film is made
up of 4,816 separate stills, featuring the faces of the members of the
band—their eyes, lips and skin made up in varying, colorful ways. Each
and every frame is hand-painted, shot, wiped off and redrawn slightly
differently for the next frame to create a seamless sequence. This
time-consuming process required the band members to lie still for two
consecutive days in a studio.
Check out the video this week, then come back next week to see a
behind-the-scenes video on how it was created.
Also new this week, DJ Safi's Hits & Misses featuring Surfer Blood, Daptone’s newest compilation, and Corinne Bailey Rae; DJ Uppercut’s “What You Standin’
For” from Tokyo Lab; How to Fold Spacetime;
and tons of other gems at WKE.
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Gone Done Good

It's true! W+K pdx alum and all-around awesome human being, Storm Tharp, is one of the 55 artists selected for the 2010 whitney biennial. This is huge. All our best to Storm and his continued success and art stardom. 70801
Check out Storm's work at Plazm Magazine.

Curtains, Hot Dogs & Sandcastles


Episode 3: The

The Califunya cast tries to dance, but their darn curtain won’t stay up!!


Episode 7: Hot Dog

In this week’s fascinating and useful episode of How To, David Neevel teaches us how to cook a
hot dog.


Sandcastles by Matt Jay

WKE’s Feature of the Week is available for viewing for seven days. Don't sleep!
Directed by Matt Jay,
Sandcastles is a beautiful and nostalgic summertime music video
featuring the song “Introduction” from Keegan DeWitt’s album Islands.
Check out other videos by Matt Jay here.
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