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We made a Christmas  We made a Holiday We made a seasonally-relevant campaign for Target this year, and unless you've sworn off TV, you've seen it. I promise. The spots are on all the time. We love the campaign. We hope you do too, but even more importantly, we hope you buy stuff at Target this holiday season, lots and lots and lots and lots of stuff. Thanks for your help.

And in case you're wondering who created this holiday magic…

Creative Directors: Rob Thompson and Monica Taylor 
Copywriter: Kevin Jones 
Art Director: Aaron Allen 
Producer: Kevin Diller 
Associate Producer: Juliana Montgomery
Account Team: Jordan Delapoer and Meredith Hatten
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman 
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

As with all campaigns, pulling this off took a huge team of extremely talented people. In addition to the team credited above we would like to thank the following people: Melanie Fedunok, Amber Lavender, Teresa Lutz, Felicia Glover, Stephen Duncan, Rachel Parker, Brett Corrick, Kelly Schoeffel, Tom Blessington, John Jay, Brian Mork, Margo Latka, Jon Carlaw, John Rowan, Tracy Gallagher, Sam Tudyk, Sarah Hollowood, Amy Corcoran, Jen Cogliantry, Katie McGinley, Erin Sorenson, Connery Wilson, Jessica Sinn, Jen Hundis, Robin Rosenberg, Pete O'Brien, Joani Wardwell, Christin Spagnoli, Shari Eiesland, Maggie Entwistle, Brie Spicer, Liz Upchurch, Rachel Miller, Angela Wootan, Colleen Baker, Betsy Fleming, Ed Foreman, Krystin Baker, Patty Brebner, Tommy Harden, Kyle Valenta, Seema Naik, Brody McHugh, Mary Zuleger, Charlie Keating, Steve Sprinkle and Jessica Baclesse.

WIP Post-it show

Our Studio started a post-it wall and are asking for the rest of the WK network to make it grow. It is completely open in what you put on the post-its. Maybe you want to send someone a message or have something to get off your chest, maybe you have a great doodle or are an amazing paper engineer…its up to you. "We just wanted a way to express a little creativity."- Portland Studio DSC_2992visit the studio blog to see what's happening



Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam launch the EA SPORTS FIFA10 viral Blindfolded Keepie Uppie Challenge, a call to action for football fans and gamers the world over.

Football stars Benzema, Walcott, Mandanda, Cahill, Lewandoski, Chellini, Dzudzsak, Schweinsteiger, Ivanschitz and even Xavi struggle t down the gauntlet.

With EA SPORTS FIFA EARTH showing over 100 million online matches played to date in FIFA10, during a heated start to the football season, and World Cup qualification drama dominating the press, the content offers a more playful side of the global sport.  A reminder that football pros, football fans, and football gamers are all created equal. However big football gets, at its core, it’s the most fun and democratic sport in the world.

The EA SPORTS Blindfolded Keepie Uppie Challenge is hosted on a dedicated YouTube Channel encouraging viewers to respond to the challenge with their own personal attempts.

Account Director, Alex Bennett Grant explains: “FIFA10 launched as the fastest selling sports game in history and has also become the best selling title in the 27-year history of EA SPORTS.  The intensity and emotion of football can be pretty heavy and with this portion of the campaign we want to show the more playful side of FIFA10 and football in general.  It levels the playing field for everyone by giving them an opportunity to get involved in the campaign and potentially do better than some of the best football players in the world”.

The EA SPORTS Blindfolded Keepie Uppie Challenge is a part of the FIFA10 ‘How Big Can Football Get?’ integrated campaign including digital, print, and broadcast. The campaign was created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Creative Directors Edu Pou and Joakim Borgström, Producers Elizabeth Dwyer, Cat Renolds, Copywriter Rick Chant, Art Directors Barney Hobson, Camera and Editing Sanne Van Hecke, Executive Creative Directors John Norman and Jeff Kling, Strategic Planner Jonas Vail, Account Team Jesse Long, Alex Bennett Grant, Frederic Point and Business Affairs, Barrie Williams.

Nike MVPuppets Are Back On the Scene

This season is definitely in for a good treat, new puppets are being introduced to the Nike MVPuppet family including Mrs. Lewis, Sneaky Pete, the Detective and the lovable Lil Dez is back in action.