Heavy Metal Artist David Kennedy

Our very own David Kennedy is a man of many talents and tales.
Hang around him for just a bit and you will be treated to many
 surprises. Sure he has proven his abilities in the art of advertising, (he is in fact in the Advertising Hall Of Fame) but he is also skilled in the finer arts- as a sculptor. David is a modest man and it took some coaxing but we were fortunate to convince him to share with us his passion for working with metal. The opening night was a splendid affair and many people got their first small glimpse at just what Kennedy is up to in his many daily doings. The show will be up for the month of November, viewing times are M-F from 9a-5p.


5 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Artist David Kennedy

  1. Amy Jo Mendelson

    Beautiful David! I wish I lived close enough to see your work close-up.

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