Hyper Island

This week, 65 lucky WK employees are attending 3-day classes taught by Hyper Island, the acclaimed  Digital Media school based in Sweden.

Hyper customized a curriculum for us based on interviews with employees beforehand. It’s special in many ways… Rarely do so many of us carve out time from our busy schedules to sit together and learn, debate, share and think.  But most importantly the classes will challenge us to become more deeply and creatively engaged in the fast-changing, tech-driven world. Skol! (that’s “cheers” in Swedish!)

4 thoughts on “Hyper Island

  1. Charlie

    Did you guys film it?
    Do you think you will be posting it?
    Would love to see.

  2. cheap ed hardy

    I won some umph samples in the contest that was held in November. i tried one about an hour ago, and not only did it not do much, im yawning..

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