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We have royalty among us

No it's not Lebron James or Kobe.

It's even better than that–we have a woman who is a true American hero in our building today– Myrlie Evers. She's chatting with Dan Wieden….how cool is that?

Damn this place is amazing!

And for you young kids who have spent too much time tweeting that you missed your history lesson….here's a little schoolin'.


EM Dash vs EN Dash, it’s Proofreader Appreciation Day

They correct our "you're" and "yours." Research the proper use of "commingle" and confirm if polar bears and penguins cohabit the same land mass. They debate commas with writers and point out inconsistent font sizes with art directors and they distract us with their yummy summer reading library (Life and Def by Russell Simmons anyone)?

They are the ladies of 6. Thank you Brie, Rachel and Liz! 



It's also national punctuation day- learn something

Wednesday morning foam party?

Monday, September 21, 5:47pm, cryptic email received:

Hey everyone,

Please clear your calendars for this Wednesday morning. We are going to attempt an experiment in group productivity that will require your undivided attention from 9am to 1pm. Lunch will also be served.

-Susan and Mark

stay tuned for rumors….but here's a hint

New Target Jam

Target and Pearl Jam paired together for their exclusive partnership featuring the band’s new single “The Fixer.”

We threw a surprise concert at the historic Showbox theater in Seattle to film the spot directed by the one and only Cameron Crowe. And speaking of Cameron Crowe, while finishing the spot in LA, he hand-selected a former W+K Studio employee who happened to be there with her producer husband to be the voice-over at the end of the spot. Recognize this avid Target lovers voice?


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