You know it’s coming: WK RADIO is metamorphosing into WKE. Wieden+Kennedy+Entertainment. We’re renegotiating the relationship between advertising, media and art.

We’re opening next week with coverage of Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s TBA:09.

Join us, our host Alicia McDaid, and rotating guests for nightly recaps of the Festival. See crowning moments from daytime performances, hear reviews and conversations with artists and audience members, and get an inside line on the late night insanity at The Works.

TBA is Time-Based Art, PICA’s annual multi-media art and performance festival. And this year, we’re collaborating with Portland Radio Authority and Radio 23 to broadcast it.

Daily video recaps starts September 4th at http://wk.com/wke

Live audio stream starts September 3rd at http://radio23.org

Audio/video archive of TBA:08 is viewable at http://feeds.feedburner.com/PICA

Let’s talk sometime. We’re @WKEntertainment on Twitter. To get the latest scoop on upcoming programs, be a fan on our
Facebook page.

See you around!

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