MySims Racing



Creative Directors: Aaron Allen & Jed Alger

Creative: Charlie Gschwend, Rob Kendall

Account Management: Katie Nance, Becca Milby

Studio Artist: Aaron Lee

Studio Manager: Maya Roberts

Strategic Planning: Adema Sall

Media: Kim Humphries, Kelsey Bozanich

Project Manager: Jane Monaghan

Retouching: Kyle Pero

Print Producer: Deborah Hyde

Art Buyer: Mia Chong-Hanssen

TV Director: Johannes Gamble

Viral Video Directors: Patrick Stanton,

Broadcast: Lara Gallagher

Special Thanks to Charlotte Arnold, Dan Blaney and Eric Stevens.

6 thoughts on “MySims Racing

  1. kedar

    the most interesting bit in your campaign was the foley artist. he’s such a rare, sorry, rear find. he’s just too cool.

  2. cheap ed hardy

    I won some umph samples in the contest that was held in November. i tried one about an hour ago, and not only did it not do much, im yawning..

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