Open Happiness

Hearkening back to iconic Coca-Cola work of the past 100 years, we want to create a modern and ownable style for the next 100 years. We studied the previous contributions of Norman Rockwell and Hayden Sundblom and applied our observations to the photography style of Gary Land to create something new; a new visual identity that embodies Coca-Cola.

The inspiration.
The creative.
Some behind the scenes action.
Main lobby at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta.

Creative Directors: Hal Curtis and Sheena Brady
Art Director: Chris Thurman and James Moslander
Copywriter: Marc D’Avignon
Account Team: Ryan Peterson
Project Manager: Andrea Nelsen
Art Buyer: Marni Beardsley, Leah Jacobson and Mia Chong-Hanssen
Studio Manager: Shari Eiesland and Michael Frediani
Studio Artists: Cari Vander Yacht and Qiao Lin
Retouching: Peter Lindman
Photographer/Retouching: Gary Land