Go to Hell!

We wanted to take a more personal approach to the already fun EA Community
Day. We wanted full immersion from the moment the attendees were greeted at
the airport with signs that said “GO TO HELL” to them discovering cryptic
copies of Dante’s Inferno on their hotel beds.CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_01CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_03CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_05CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_06CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_07CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_08CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_09CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_10CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_11CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_12CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_13CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_14CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_15CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_16CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_17CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_18CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_19
CD: Aaron Allen, Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley
Creatives: Dominic Orlando, Adam Heathcott
Planner: Matt Kelley
Account: Becca Milby, Philip Kirsch
SM: Maya Roberts
Studio Team:
Karen Koch
Katie Mcginely
Sam Tudyk
Julia Dickey
Alice Baldwin
Ademar Matinian
Patrick Abbey
Malia Killings
Eric Blad
Aaron Lee
Sarah Hollowood (just a little bit)
Angie Mauer (just a little bit)

The following link is from a recipient of a Dante’s Inferno kit.

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