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Happy Birthday David!
We all have a date on the calendar each year that reminds us to reflect about how much good we can give to others over the past year and throughout our lives. David Kennedy has done a lot of good.
The American Indian College Fund is an account we have proudly worked on for 18 years as agency. Second only in longevity to Nike. David's passion and energy has made a tremendous impact on the community. So to celebrate David's birthday a select group of people from AICF came to WK to make the event special.
Before we get into all of it, take a look at what AICF means to Wieden+Kennedy.

Due to funding restraints, AICF can only run a campaign every three years. This year is one of those years and our spot for the AICF is special. Neil Young who never sells his music for advertising has generously donated his music that is used in this years Think Indian TV spot. Thanks Neil.

Creative Directors: Dan Wieden & David Kennedy
Art Director: Patty Fogarty
Copywriter: Scrappers Morrison & Patty Fogarty
Account Management: Elisa Silva
Media: Jonas Greene
Studio Artist: Cathy Ormerod
Studio Manager: Joe Favre & Maya Roberts
Strategic Planner: Alison Bonner
Project Manager: Stacy Grogan
Retouching: Peter Lindeman
Proofreading: Brie Spicer, Liz Upchurch, & Rachel Miller
Saving Grace: Sandy Parkerson
Print Producer: Lonnie Winter
Art Buyer: Mia Chong-Hanssen & Amy Carleton
Broadcast Producer: Jeff Selis
Editor: Peter Wiedensmith & Kyle Valenta
Business Affairs: Amber Lavender
PR: Joani Wardwell
Accounting: Kecia McLaughlin, Katie Dunbar

With that, Jonas Greene introduced John "Buzzy" Nelson for a naming ceremony for David Kennedy. Buzzy is Oglala Lakota and Cheyenne. He’s the great great grandson of Chief Red Cloud. Buzzy is also Tiyospaye Itancan (Chief) an honor given to him by Oliver Red Cloud the current chief of the Oglala Lakotas.

Rick Williams, the President of the American Indian College Fund chose this name for David and had his uncle “Buzzy” do the ceremony.

Some background on the people and meanings of this ceremony:

An honorable Lakota a man will get a new name 4 times in his life. David Kennedy was given a Lakota Name ten years ago, when he was still a common man, now that he is an elder and he will get a new name that he will carry with him the rest of his life. He was given the name “Woksapa Wicasa” pronounced Wok Sapa Wi Cha Sha. Literally translated it means Wisdom Man or Wise man. It is reserved for those who carry the wisdom of the people and act in manner that is in the best interest of the people. “Woksapa Wicasa” is his name because for almost two decades he has dedicated his life to helping Indian people. He is always respectful of the culture, religion, history and values of Native Americans. He is a deep thinker and uses his natural intellect to help the people. He has learned to think out of the box and put his mind in the circle. He thinks “Indian”. He is a great man and now has an even greater name.
David's energy and passion for AICF is inspiring to many. So much so that, as a special gift, Wieden+Kennedy has endowed a 50,000 dollar art scholarship to the American Indian College Fund in his name. David4


Happy Birthday David.


Last month Dan gave a impassioned speech on the topic of diversity in the ad industry at the 4A's. (The American Association of Advertising Agencies) Listen to the speech tomorrow Thursday, May 28th at 9:30am PST on WK Radio:  Audio available for download in the podcast section of our website after the segment concludes. Adweek's write up here.

Open Happiness

Hearkening back to iconic Coca-Cola work of the past 100 years, we want to create a modern and ownable style for the next 100 years. We studied the previous contributions of Norman Rockwell and Hayden Sundblom and applied our observations to the photography style of Gary Land to create something new; a new visual identity that embodies Coca-Cola.

The inspiration.
The creative.
Some behind the scenes action.
Main lobby at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta.

Creative Directors: Hal Curtis and Sheena Brady
Art Director: Chris Thurman and James Moslander
Copywriter: Marc D’Avignon
Account Team: Ryan Peterson
Project Manager: Andrea Nelsen
Art Buyer: Marni Beardsley, Leah Jacobson and Mia Chong-Hanssen
Studio Manager: Shari Eiesland and Michael Frediani
Studio Artists: Cari Vander Yacht and Qiao Lin
Retouching: Peter Lindman
Photographer/Retouching: Gary Land

Go to Hell!

We wanted to take a more personal approach to the already fun EA Community
Day. We wanted full immersion from the moment the attendees were greeted at
the airport with signs that said “GO TO HELL” to them discovering cryptic
copies of Dante’s Inferno on their hotel beds.CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_01CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_03CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_05CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_06CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_07CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_08CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_09CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_10CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_11CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_12CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_13CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_14CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_15CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_16CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_17CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_18CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_19
CD: Aaron Allen, Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley
Creatives: Dominic Orlando, Adam Heathcott
Planner: Matt Kelley
Account: Becca Milby, Philip Kirsch
SM: Maya Roberts
Studio Team:
Karen Koch
Katie Mcginely
Sam Tudyk
Julia Dickey
Alice Baldwin
Ademar Matinian
Patrick Abbey
Malia Killings
Eric Blad
Aaron Lee
Sarah Hollowood (just a little bit)
Angie Mauer (just a little bit)

The following link is from a recipient of a Dante’s Inferno kit.