Monthly Archives: March 2009

Two for one

FITC (Flash in the Can) held a contest this year for female developers. The criteria was to make a video of why you want to go to FITC. The prize? An all access pass to the FITC event held in Toronto, Canada. Our candidate was Laurie Brown and she was awarded an all access pass. Congrats! Laurie had a very special guest Cari VanderYacht in her video and it seems that the FITC judges were "impressed" with her also but weary of her being "unattended."

From: Shawn Pucknell
Date: March 27, 2009 5:14:24 PM PDT
Subject: Females at FITC

Thank you for submitting a video!

You are in the first 100, and therefore have a festival ticket to FITC

Toronto 2009!

(PS. Cari can come too if she wants. Just shoot us her email. and have someone with her to supervise her. We are not sure she should be unattended at a public event. )

Tokyo to London on WK Radio

This week on WK Radio:
Tokyo Lab brings us a WK Radio exclusive: The ridiculously hot new mix by artist, ‘Jemapur’. Featuring artists like Fennesz, Modeselektor, Sutekh, Funkstorung, and Jay Haze, as well as original productions by Jemapur, the sound goes from far-out experimental to rich downtempo to warehouse dance party in a smooth, expertly crafted mix. Check out the WK Radio calendar for air times. Also this week, London’s playlist “Wherewolves of London”; DJ Zia Rescue; plus mouch more..

Economy Down. Creativity Up.

If you were lucky enough to find the key to the shackles that connect you to your desk and get out for some lunch, you might have seen this sweet ride.Rainman3
Commander n’ Chief of this mother ship was making an arch across the universe while literally singing “Singing in the Rain” while his co-pilot deputy officer Monkey Puppet covered the backing vocals.Rainman
Never again will free time be wasted on Zelda and nachos.

Let It Shine

Check out the latest Honda work created by W+K Amsterdam. The spot was created by Zach Watkins, Craig Melchiano and Mark Sloan and creatively directed by Jeff Kling, John Norman and Sue Anderson and is meant to reinforce Honda’s position as a leader in automotive hybrid technology.

And the ‘Making of’: