Hello Levi’s

The newest member of the WK Portland family is Levi’s!!! A round of blue champagne for everyone and a toast to a successful relationship. Blue_champagne
Levi’s brought the oldest pair of Levi’s in the world – original 501’s from 1879. This pair of jeans is older than the pair on display at the Smithsonian and valued at $130,000. Oldest_levi's
Not much has changed since 1879…. New belt loops and different cuts, but not much else. This particular pair of jeans was found in a coal mine, rolled up and stored in what was probably a miners locker or cubby hole.Oldest_levi's3
A big thanks to Levi’s. We can’t wait to start working!

7 thoughts on “Hello Levi’s

  1. ryan

    O i’m so excited i love the levis brand and can’t wait to see what you guys turn out.

  2. Chris M

    Sweet… let’s see some of that pair on a new style from Levi’s.
    Even the loop/hook alone would be cool.

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