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WK + Super Bowl XLIII

In the interest of sharing, below is a link for you to view all the Wieden+Kennedy produced ads for this years spectacle. The line up looks like this:

Coke Heist :60 seconds
Coke Avatar :30 seconds
Coke is running the :30 of Avatar in the Superbowl, but the :60 will run in Cinema, on American Idol, and forever online. Check it out here. If you’re lovin’ Cee-Lo Green’s version of “Stranger in the Crowd,” the full song will be available on iTunes on Monday.

Careerbuilder Tips :60 seconds

and a Heineken spot will be in a local buy in the top 25 markets and it is called Warrior.


In addition to CareerBuilder’s Super Bowl spot, we launched a viral component, Anonymous Tip Giver.

Wanna tell your boss he has hamster breath, or a coworker that 1987 called and wants its clothes back, but you don’t dare say it to their face? Let CareerBuilder’s Anonymous Tip Giver do it for you.

People all over the W+K network made this happen so hats off to all the hard work!

CGM W+K Tokyo

Reposted from Danny
Back in September, I organized a gathering of bloggers, YouTubers, and folks in IT and related industries (media and creative) at the Wieden and Kennedy Tokyo offices. The intent of the gathering is for a room of like minded folks to share and network with each other which would lead to new opportunities and general harmony.

The next gathering date has been set for the 6th of Feb (Friday) and this time I have partnered with a fellow Britannian Andrew Shuttleworth to organize the next event.

The focus of the meeting has changed a bit too – The event will be called "Tokyo CGM Night" where CGM stands for "Consumer Generated Media." The event will be a gathering of the leaders in CGM – bloggers, YouTubers, Social Networkers and folks who like to share. The event will also be attended by IT folks from the top Internet companies in Tokyo including Amazon, Microsoft and Google. And then there will be folks from related industries such as media and design.

Check out the rest of the article here.

Mybama, Yourbama, Ourbama

Ray Noland

Aaron Allen made a poster. It got into the Manifest Hope art show in DC.

Now Aaron has a few of these 2-color silkscreen prints, 26x33in, that are signed and numbered. He is looking to lighten his stash for cash. Leave a comment below and let the bidding begin. Or, if you are serious, email Aaron directly.


With only 8 places in the Greater Portland Metro area to buy clothes, poaching someone else’s style is bound to happen. Just as it did here.

This week on WK Radio

This week..interviews with bands, The Mae Shi and Yacht; Tokyolab Hour from our Tokyo office; Caldera Hour (free-form radio show that gives complete creative control to young adults involved in the program, allowing them a chance to express their views); Employee playlists and music by an eclectic mix of Live DJs; AICF feature, and more. 

Check out the article on Creativity Online just featured last week.


WK Radio studio from left to right: Radio Sloan, DJ Safi, Shannon O'Brien, Bill Davenport and Janice Grube. Photo: Aaron Lee