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Old Spice School of TV Medicine

Here’s a few more spots of your favorite pretend doctor Neil Patrick Harris. But where did he train to become a TV doctor? Naturally at the Old Spice School of TV Medicine. This is our interactive component of the campaign that just went live yesterday. Check it out here. Everyone saved lives here – for pretend. Great job everyone!

CD – Mark Fitzloff
CW – Chris Jacobs
AD – Aaron Allen
Interactive AD – Paul Bjork
Producer – Mary Alberque
Account Manager – Diana Gonzalez
Production – Silk Tricky



Steve Braband goes Live


July 26th, 2008
by Neil S. Velleman

ESPN Employee Steve Braband to be Campaign Spokesperson

On Sunday, July 27, ESPN will launch one of its most ambitious and groundbreaking promotional ad campaigns to date. Featuring a LIVE format of innovative spots, the campaign is designed to showcase the network’s new live morning SportsCenter block, which premieres Monday, Aug. 11 — the opening week of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Created by Wieden + Kennedy New York and produced by ESPN, the LIVE ads will feature 25-year-old Steve Braband – an actual ESPN employee – who will serve as the face of the campaign. ESPN is scheduled to air as many as 25 :30 spots per day for 15 days.

“We’ve been doing live TV since day one, but this is a big change for SportsCenter,” said Katie Lacey, ESPN senior vice president, marketing. “This concept seemed like a fun way to tell our viewers about the improvements to the show and to draw back the curtain and let them inside.”

Braband (Pittsburgh, Pa.) will be followed over a three-week period, going about his daily routine at work where he serves as a program coordinator, and at home in Southington, Conn. When it’s time for a promo, he will cease activity to do a live read.

He said, “When I found out that I was selected for the campaign, at first, I was shocked and scared…but that feeling has turned to excitement. I’m not sure what to expect.”

Check out Steve’s site here.

Coke Olympics

Here is a new Bejing Olympics spot from Coke featuring Lebron James and Yao Ming.Lebron





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CDs – Hal Curtis & Sheena Brady

Writer – Dylan Lee

Art Director – Mira Kaddoura

Account Team – Ryan Peterson & Elisa Silva

Producer – Kevin Diller

Biz Affairs – Teresa Lutz

Production/Animation company – Nexus

Directors – Smith and Folkes