New Starbuckers

Welcome 2 new faces in Starbucks studio.

Sam Tudyk (left) and Christina Piluso (right). Starting with Sam: She’s lived in Portland for 4 years and is originally from Plano, Texas. She is coming from greeting card masters Egg Press and is an active painter. Check out some of her work on her website or currently view in person at Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria or Garnish Boutique on Alberta. She recently rescued a fish from certain death that is now swimming happily on her desk.

Christina is an OSU grad and is originally from Boring. She was last working at Olive in New York. She is an avid bocce player and claims she has a tape worm in her stomach named Gulliver. (This would explain her constant hunger.) Christina is a runner. She is currently awaiting if her lottery ball gets her into the New York City Marathon. Our fingers are crossed.

3 thoughts on “New Starbuckers

  1. Pet Lover

    It’s so nice to have pets, isn’t it? Never seen a pet tapeworm, but more power to you for keeping one!
    Me, I’d have stuck with the fish.

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