Monthly Archives: February 2008

Holy Yao!!!!!!!!!!!


Mira Kaddoura with Yao Ming.

It was fascinating to stand next to him. He weighs 3 times what I do, is 7ft 6(229cm) and wears size 19 (65 European) shoes. Unbelievable.

Archie the Comic Dog

1) Cynthia and Bromley (the 8-week-old Boston Terrier) are happy.

2) Archie spots Bromley.

3) Archie jumps up on the table and eats Bromley.

4) Bromley has been eaten.

Travel Oregon picked #1


Travel Oregon’s website was recently voted number one on the Top 10 US State Tourism Sites by IGOUGO. According to its tourism board, “Oregon is a place where people often find themselves roaming endlessly with no other goal than the next great meal, powdery slope, lighthouse view or salmon run.” Sign us up! We’ll figure out which activity to partake in first with the help of the excellent Travel Oregon Blog—after picking our vacation week using the interactive 365 Extraordinary Days in Oregon calendar.

Congrats to Ginger and Patty and Mathew Foster, Chean-Wei Law, Christian Laniosz, Dominic Orlando, Jordi Martinez, Laurie Brown, Shaun Sundholm, Scott Kleiner, Paul Bjork and Ken Smith.