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Christin and Andrew will be traveling the world throughout the month of February, visiting each and every one of our global offices. They’ve been given the huge challenge (by Mr. Wieden + Mr. Luhr) to be human sponges and absorb as much as they can in regards to “Who We Are” as a global agency. Their final challenge will be to create a book, which accurately reflects the spirit and values of W+K – from our people and culture to our work.

Julia Oh so Sassy


Lil’ Hoolie popped in for a lil’ visit from her “working” globetrot. We hardly recognized her when she walked into the office this morning – She got a bunch of new clothes and a new haircut, we think. Tomorrow Julia leaves for Tokyo, but will return to Portland in March. We’ll miss her. Again.

Put on your Birthday Suit!

Our beloved Jeff Williams and Jinnina Chiles both turned a year older today. The ladies from Devil’s Lunchbox whipped up grits, eggs, bacon and toast – Delicious southern cooking.


The agency filled the Nike quad with lots of love for these two….


Marco Kaye even delivered this speech that rocked everyone to the core:

I think I speak for everyone when I say this:

When I first started working with Jeff, I called his office the Lion’s Den. I’m sure everyone has their own terms for it: some call it the Cry Zone, the Fear Factory, Cardboard Box Village, The Tider Insider, and Candyland.

For some, it is a place to share a joke and a friendly, if sometimes awkward exchange. For others less fortunate, the Lion’s Den is a place where you get torn up. In the afternoon, the Lion sleeps, but when he wakes, watch out. I’ve seen him tear up layouts, bite director’s reels in half, and let out of string of curses so profane they would make Blackbeard blush.

Yet, when you work with Jeff, all the violence and abuse is worth it. When he gets that wild look in his eye and says something so nuts that you just cringe with joy. Or when he sends you a possible track to listen to and your ears get a boner. That man is tapped into something that we’re all trying to get to. Every homeless man is tapped into it but can’t do anything about it. George S. Patton was tapped into it. Nikola Tesla was tapped into it.

And so can you be, if you too learn to jump right into the Lion’s Den.

That’s why we should all raise our glasses, eat our Alabama breakfast, and salute this man on his birthday.




Falling Snow

David Liu is our art director/photographer in Tokyo office. He sent us this note:

Snow, beautiful quiet falling. kids are jumping up and down, and if you are one too, then this means only one thing for you. go play.

two days ago . . .
Click here to watch his movie.