Monthly Archives: November 2007

WK Seeking


This is it.
The major casting call for all of the best of the best. If you don’t know if you are the best, apply. If you can tell a good joke, apply. If you can use proper toilet etiquette (see below), apply. If your mom thinks you are handsome, apply. If you are a designer, a writer, a creator, a thinker, apply. Take a risk and the payoff could be huge.

This just might change your life.

Props to Dominic Orlando and Mathew Carey for the video and Laurie Brown, Jordi Martinez and Brad Trost for the site.

Beautiful Monster





Playing catch up on some work that ran out of here before we could catch track it down.

CD’s Mike McCommon/Tyler Whisnand
AD Aaron Allen
Writer Ian Fairbrother
Studio Artists Ken Berg/Aaron Lee
Studio Manager Jeremy Jiracek
Retouching Greg Radich/Peter Lindman/Kyle Pero
Photographer Anthony Mandler
Director Anthony Mandler
Broadcast Producer ???????
Account Supervisor Michael Dalton
Project Manager Jason Schwartz
Art Buyer Krystle Mortimore

Say Hi to Aubrey


Give a warm welcome to Aubrey Dean. If you recognize Aubrey from somewhere it could have been at the Vault or Masu here in Portland. Having worked in such social environments, it’s provided her with good conversational chops. Speaking of chops, I should mention that  Aubrey is also a 3rd degree black belt. She is taking on the oh so valuable position of Studio Assistant, a position held by the likes of folks like Ademar, Josh Scott and Julie Gash. Come by studio and say hi…….hiii-ya