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Confidential Terms for Selling the Road to Heaven, Volume One


Ever been perplexed on what to say at the perfect moment. Some little gem that will gain you the respect of your peers and demonstrate your cultural prowess. The perfect bit of science that only a true culture curmudgeon could slide into a sentence with perfect iambic pentameter. Your quest will cease once you get your mitts on Volume One, Confidential Terms for Selling the Road to Heaven.

You will learn such terms as: Douche Baggery, iHole, Major Dad™ and Dauminator. Learn exactly what a divorce factory is, yell Barwick at the top of your lungs and then go to your next meeting with Coach™

double trouble
[duh’-buhl truh’-buhl]

n. When Aaron Lee and Peter Yue play basketball.

The Oregonian
[thuh awr’-i-gohn’-ee-uhn]

n. It’s like a Brazilian but more Oregonian.


v. 1. Touching something at least twice.

When you retouch me, it sends shivers down my spine. Can you touch that file one more time to bump up the cyan in the sky? (Implying that you need retouching without actually saying the word.) When I think about you, I retouch myself.

These books are not available in stores. This knowledge is for the inner circle. Consider yourself saved if you have been lucky enough to read these scriptures.

Ignite Portland


If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Around the world geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers.

Poster designed by Aaron Lee.

Matthew Dear Lunchbox

So we have had lots of meetings, presentations, reviews, you name it. And we have no reports for any of them. One thing we do have, other than the rain, is our beloved lunchbox series. Matthew Dear was on the road from SF and decided to come on in and show us what they got. A lovely combination of digital samples and beats to go with the bass, drums and vocals.




The bread on my sandwich might have been stale, but not the sounds from Matthew Dear. Check them out tonight at Holocene.