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Nike + Women’s National Soccer Team


From Marcelino Alverez:
So as I’m sure you’ve heard the US Women’s National Team suffered a pretty bad loss to Brazil yesterday.

It’s a bit unfortunate for a couple of reasons. Obviously, it’s a tough loss for the team. It’s also a bit of a tough loss for the creatives and wk team who have worked so hard over the last few months working on an incredible campaign to support the WNT.

In addition to the TV, Print, and Interactive advertising, we created an interactive application on the Nike Soccer website.

You upload a photo, and a 3D image of your face is generated, and you join this interactive growing team.

It’s a pretty cool technology, and you should check it out.

More importantly, we should show support for the WNT. They may not take home the gold, but they still have a chance for the bronze. They’re playing this Sunday.

So go ahead, find a photo and Join the Greatest Team You’ve Never Heard Of:

And if you see any of the following people in the halls, congratulate them; they have put in hours upon hours of effort to bring this campaign to life:

Mira Kaddoura
Dylan Lee
Sasha Swetschinski
Nathan Goldberg
Chean Wei-Law
Laurie Brown
Jolly Banerjee
Christian Laniosz
Shaun Sundholm
Jordi Martinez
Hayley Goggin
David Jahns
Mary Alberque
Dianne Villarreal
Paulo Ribeiro
Alex Barwick
Emily Leonard
Danny Sheniak
Wendy Martenson
Fran O’Connor
Melanie Fedunok
Cynthia Valenti
Laura Caldwell
Connery Wilson
Jennifer Smieja
Frazer Goodbody
Rebecca Kading
Greg Radich
Carrie Morgens
Anne Heuer
Tony Frusciante

WK + Elvis

Elvis Perkins in Dearland got the rhythms going today at another WK Lunchbox. Apocalyptic looking clouds were rolling around the Rose City today hence making it a perfect day to stay inside and get wrapped up in melodic harmonies.





A particular harmonica got misplaced somewhere so a whistler from the audience volunteered to help out on a tune. Audience participation is encouraged here.

Thanks to the good folks from Mass Gatherings Productions who put these shows on without a hitch.

Elvis has not entered the building, yet.


Up next for the W+K Lunchbox series is Elvis Perkins. He will be here on Friday the 28th at 12:30. Grab your lunch and a friend and come over to 224 NW 13th Ave. @ Everett in the Pearl to the Wieden+Kennedy Global HQ. These shows are free and open to the public. If free ain’t your speed you can catch him at the Roseland tomorrow night for $$. See you there.