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Yuke and out


Today we said goodbye to Yuke Wang our talented studio intern. You may remember when Yuke started here almost a year ago. Yuke is heading back to Shanghai and possibly to WK there. We had a little send off for him and he had some thing for us. Yuke painted a picture of the Shanghai skyline for us to hang in the studio. Thanks for everything yuke and best of luck.


W+K = USAToday


Looks like we have made the Sports section of this morning’s USAToday. Take a look.

“Wieden seems sincere when he says his “favorite organism is the slime mold spore.” They have to get to light to propagate, so they form a “worm-like object” to create a sort of mass migration — “its individuals working together to solve a problem.”

Wieden also says he think his staffers “should walk in stupid everyday” to avoid formulaic thinking.

And be nimble.”


If you want to catch up on some recent spots, USA Today’s Entertainment section of video’s has some of the Nike and SportsCenter spots.

conversation about war


Four years ago, W+K hosted a conversation about the Iraq War in our atrium and invited the public to attend. The participants included a former director of Greenpeace, a native Iraqi Kurd, and conservative Oregonian columnist David Reinhard. We had a packed crowd.

The emphasis was not on partisan screaming, but true dialogue, where each person was challenged to be changed by what they heard from the others. It was a terrific evening, provocative, thoughtful and inspiring.

Dan asked if we could try to reconvene the group and have another conversation, four years later.

Wieden+Kennedy hosts

Barbara Dudley
Former exec. director, Greenpeace

Jack McCreary
24-year U.S. Foreign Service officer

Nawzad Othman
Native Iraqi Kurd, CEO of Otak

David Reinhard
Oregonian opinion columnist

Birol Yesilada
Turkish/int’l political economy scholar

and you

Wednesday, June 13, 7-8:30 p.m.
Wieden+Kennedy, 224 N.W. 13th Ave
Tickets $5, available at Wieden+Kennedy in advance and at the door
Proceeds benefit Mercy Corps
For more info,

Thanks to Design Within Reach