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Cover Boy


OK, so you now live in China. The agency that you work for has transfered you to the Shanghai office to help out in the studio there. You are doing your thing, working a ton, riding your bike around Shanghai in crazy traffic and trying to pick up some spotty Mandarin when you can.

Then one day you come to work and you check your email in-box. Apparently you are on the cover of the Portland Mercury’s Pride Week edition. After you reattach the bottom of your jaw to the rest of your head what do you do? Roll with it.

That is exactly what our studio ace, Justin Hays did. Talk about getting Shanghai-ed.

To catch up a bit with what Justin is doing in China, take a look at his blog.

Sanya Richards

Adweek gives us a nod to this new spot that aired durring the Pre-Classic track and field event in Eugene last week. “a simple, elegant study in the art of the run.”

Creative Directors: Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte
Associate CD: Shannon McGlothin
Copywriter: Valdean Klump
Art Director: James Selman, Chris Thurman
Digital Producer: Marcelino J. Alvarez
Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Editor: Kyle Valenta
Music Composer: Brede Rørstad
Account Executive: Dianne Villarreal

Holy Qiao

Qiao married his longtime sweetheart Ying this past weekend. After a beautiful ceremony at Old Laurelhurst Church (performed in both Mandarin and English) everyone headed over to the Laurelhurst Club House for the
reception. It’s Chinese tradition that the bride maneuver two eggs up one pants leg of the groom’s suit then down the other side. Qiao and Ying used an LED light–just as entertaining to watch but without the broken-egg-in-the-crotch risk.


Happy Fathers Day


We have a great new golf spot that is up on if you want to check it out. It will be running on the US Open coverage this weekend on NBC as well as the Golf Channel. Check out the spot here at Nike Golf.


Role Call:
Creative Director=Hal Curtis
Art Director=James Mosslander
Copy Writer=Eric Samsel
Producer=Jenny Fiske