Whether you’re a Duck, a Beaver, some other varmint or a popular condom brand, you can probably appreciate when your team wins a national title. If you live in the state of Oregon, you know this is a pretty rare occurrence. So when the Oregon State Beavers swept the UNC Tarheels last night to win the College Baseball World Series for their second year in a row, it’s kind of a big deal (e.g. a Ron Burgundy kind of big deal).

Anticipating this victory, the Nike team worked over the weekend to put a WIN ad together that will run in tomorrow’s Oregonian, sports section.

Kudos to Caleb Jensen and Jimm Lasser (along with McCommon, Tyler Whisnand, Reme and Frediani) for donating their Sunday to celebrate this proud moment in Oregon sports.

5 thoughts on “Beavpeat!

  1. Jay Diesel

    You guys got lucky. (again)
    UNC will always be University of National Champions.
    Good series though, see ya next year?
    Go Heels Forever
    J Diesel

  2. D Echo

    An intern must have written this – it’s a sloppy attempt at following the “Nike theme” copy, reminiscent of the NY marathon and US Open campaigns… but without the meaning or the passion.
    Good try, but this is slop and for WK that’s something.

  3. Jay Diesel

    Oh my god we are such haters.
    If you’d like to be our dates for the Player Haters Ball at the Airport Madison this Sunday give us a call.

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