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A bit of a surprise yesterday for lunch. The band Ratatat dropped in and played a healthy set at on on a rainy Portland Monday. This Brooklyn band is selling out their shows around the country so this was extra nice. Rtat1

With a lot of people in the house, Ratatat wasted no time in getting down to business. With their own visuals going they played more than half of their album “Classics”. Our man from studio, Aaron Lee, was on the case with the photos.

The W+K Lunchbox series is picking up steam with Son Volt coming by on Thursday. Another good show that you will want to check out.

Bring your friends because these shows are free! Don’t know where WK is? Look it up.

What is 25?

Dan and Dave got this place going 25 years ago. That is a long time for anything to last, especially in advertising. So in the spirit of Just Doing It, let’s have a little challenge shall we?

Contest Question: What does 25 mean to you?

25 can mean a lot of things. An amount, a volume of something, a duration of time, a numerical ligature. The more abstract your interpretation the better. We are using a digital forum to hold this event so digital submissions will be required. Video, digital artwork or a photo of what 25 means to you. Send it to and we will post your submissions as we get them between now and Founders Day.

Voting: Vote for your favorite entry in the comments section. A winner will be determined based on a # of votes. Submissions by you and votes by you. You can’t lose. So what do you win?

Prize: A signed Limited Edition Kaws cat teeth bank made exclusively for OriginalFake in Tokyo.


For those of you who are not familiar with the work of Kaws, he is a Brooklyn based artist who has collaborated with such heavy hitters as Nigo of Bathing Ape, Grammy Award winning Pharrell and a host of other artists in several mediums.

A big thanks to Executive Creative Director John Jay for the prize donation.
Direct your submissions and/or questions to the .

Free coffee


Join us Thursday, March 15th at Starbucks stores for a Coffee Break between 10am-12noon and enjoy a free cup of coffee. Now you may remember when we posted some of creative work. Check out this post for a look back. Check out this animation for the same campaign. Here are some highlights:
• NASDAQ and Reuters sign in Times Square – Live (3/14 & 3/15, 7am-9am PST)
• Wildpostings in 10 dedicated sites in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York (3/08 – 3/15)
• Daily Newspaper Ads (3/14) New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Inquirer/News, Phoenix Republic
• Online advertising with various banners rotating through the CNN homepage, Yahoo!, MySpace, NYT (3/10- 3/15)
• Spot Radio in LA, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Philly, WA D.C. Phoenix, San Francisco (3/12 – 3/15)
• Street Teams to promote the event in 20 different key markets across the country (3/15)

A big shout out to the entire team who put so much effort into this campaign!! The work is really smart and gets back to what Starbucks does best; making a really good cup of coffee.

Creatives: Jen Nicolazzo, Sasha Swetschinski, Jed Alger, Danielle Flagg, Mattias Segerholt
Studio: Lisa Reinhardt, Mark Lundgren, Brian Unflat, Sef Mccullough, Lis Parker
Interactive: Bev Davis, Brian Unflat
Broadcast: Melanie Fedunok, Laurie Litonjua
Print Production: Denise Hanggi
Media: Lynn Mayo, Lisa Osborne, John Rowan, Danielle Pak
Project Management: Jane Monaghan

Elliott Erwitt show


Elliott Erwitt is a world-renowned advertising and journalistic photographer. He is best known for his black and white candid shots of ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings.

Elliott was invited by Robert Cappa to join Magnum Photos. In the late 60’s he became the president of the prestigious agency for 3 terms. He is still an active memeber and continues to have shows of his work all over the world.

Portland Art Museum is holding a special lecture event this Friday, March 16th at 7pm In conjunction with the debut of the exhibition Personal Best. This great photographer speaks on the extraordinary moments in history and ordinary life that he has captured with his ever-present camera. This rare event includes a book signing following the lecture.