Monthly Archives: February 2007

Sit. Stay. Good Boy.

A couple pieces of Eukanuba work that have been circulating around here of late.


Getting the job done role call:
Art Director’s: Michael Illick and Bill Karrow
Creative Director’s: Mark Fitzloff and Monica Taylor
Art Buying: Rachel Shapiro
Photographer: Tim Flach
Studio: Kelly Wright and Amy Corcoran
Retouching (can’t forget the bros. in retouching): Frazer Goodbody

The Original W+K Rules


According to Mr. David Kennedy, These rules were found in a desk drawer a long time ago. A six year old kid had come into the office one day with his parents and wrote these out to keep himself occupied while Mom and Dad worked. David found these and adopted them. “This was highly evolved way of thinking and we could learn from it.”


Puddle Jumper


Say Hi to Rehanah Spence who is new to the studio this month. Rehanah comes to us from England, France, Tajikistan, East Africa, Qatar, Oman, India….just about every continent you can think of. This Multi-talented globe trotter is a RISD grad and proud mama of two black labs. Amongst being a lifelong design student (her Mom teaches GD at OSU and in the United Arab Emirates) she is also a bookbinder/papermaker. She just finished publishing a book of her grandmother’s Indian/African recipes as well as doing the RISD yearbook which consisted of a whopping 600 pages. Rehanah is a part of Michael Frediani’s crew and is over in the Starbucks studio working on Nike. Swing in and ask her about her last trip to India.

Another Record Falls


W+K Interactive has done another animation for the home page. Federer shmederer, give it up for the new hereos.

Creative Director: Mike Folino
Art Director: Chris Thurman
Studio Designer: Brad Simon
Animator: Dominic Orlando
Copy Writer: Caleb Jensen
Sound Designer/Producer: Todd Moritz