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The Wurstminster Dog Show


The Wurst Gallery launches their biggest show to date, with over 100 artists from all over the world each representing a different dog breed in their own unique way – from a five-foot plush doll to postcard-sized paintings. A portion of the proceeds of the art sales from this event will
benefit Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in Portland, OR. Artists featured in the show hail from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Norway, Sweden and throughout the United States.

A one-night exhibit of the Wurstminster Dog Show will take place on Saturday, February 3rd at the soon to be opened Ace Hotel in Portland. Following the opening event, the work will be displayed and for sale online at

G.Loves Portland

G.Love and Special Sauce came into the Wieden + Kennedy Portland office on Thursday of last week for the 5th installment of the WK Lunchbox series. 12:30 is pretty early for these guys, but it did not take long for them to clear out the cobwebs and get on to songs about food.Glove_1

After his show in the atrium, G. stuck around to talk to people, sign posters and sling some ad ideas of his own. G. (Garry) started out as a street preformer on the streets of Philly and Boston and wanted to replicate that grit for the setting of a small song he wrote (mostly off the top of his head). So we got his old chair unloaded off the tour bus, found some size 12 Kobe’s and took him up the street a couple of blocks. Glove_2
With J. Lowe from Joint filming, we just let G.Love start slinging it to us right there. Pretty sweet for a cold Thursday morning.

He must have a ton of energy because Later that evening G.Love and Special Sauce played a huge 2 and a half hour set a sold out Crystal ballroom with Matt Costa opening up. A really fun day.

Air Force 1+25

Nike’s Air Force 1 the Second Coming. Here are the new leaders of the game.
This project was a collaboration between W+K NYC and W+K PDX. We were celebrating 25 Years of Nike Basketball.

Below is the video that debuted on the MTV Sucker Free show.

Check out the Mash-up site where you can re-edit the spot to how you like it. For all of the content on The Second Coming go to Nike Air-Force Channel on