Monthly Archives: December 2006

’tis a reason

Tis the season to drink and be merry. With the holidays upon us, what more reason do you need to soak your liver with a splash of holiday cheer. As the calendar year winds down, there have been several holiday events. The annual agency Christmas party was held at the City of Portland’s train station and had a masquerade theme.Venue


With the first headache firmly cemented in our heads, we arrived back to work the next day to over 400 hangover sandwiches waiting for us.

Last night was the annual Studio Christmas party. Michele Lefore was our host and everyone came with an ornament that they made for the tree.Joe


A fun holiday get together enjoyed by all. Some more than others.
The fun is far from over with more events on the horizon. Tonight, a goodbye party for Becca Van Dyck. With 12 years under her belt as Global Nike Account Director here at WK, Becca is leaving for Cupertino. Becca is heading to Apple Computers to be the Global Advertising Director. Not to Shabby. We will miss her.

This Friday is the White Elephant party. Check out the trailer 12 put together featuring John Jay.

Have a Happy Holiday season everyone and we will see you next year.

Change the World


In 1998, John Wood was a rising executive at Microsoft when he took a vacation that changed his life. What started as a trekking holiday in Nepal became a spiritual journey, and then a mission: to change the world one book and one child at a time by setting up libraries in the developing world. He was soon driven to leave his career with only a loose vision of the change he wanted to bring to the world.

Over the next five years John would make the unlikely marriage between Microsoft business practices and the world of non-profits to create Room to Read, an organization that has created a network of over 3,000 schools and libraries throughout rural and poor communities in Asia and Africa.

The organization is now one of the fastest growing, most effective, and award-winning non-profits of the last decade. John has been recognized in the worldwide media as a “21st century Andrew Carnegie,” building a public library infrastructure to help the developing world break the cycle of poverty through the lifelong gift of education.

John came and spoke to us about his experiences. Visit his site here.



Where is John Jay?

John’s been out of the office this past week and we’ve been trying to find him. It turns out he’s been on a private jet with Romanelli, Mark Parker, and Kanye West headed to NYC for the official celebration of Nike’s iconic AF-1.