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The Wurst


Show tonight at the office gallery featuring several artists from W+K. Lots of Free Beer and naked dwarves pretty things.

The Creative Class


Cities have long competed over job growth, struggling to revive their downtowns and improve their image. But the latest population trends have forced them to fight for college-educated 25- to 34-year-olds, a demographic group increasingly viewed as the key to an economic future.

Mobile but not flighty, fresh but technologically savvy, “the young and restless,” as demographers call them, are at their most desirable age, particularly because their chances of relocating drop precipitously when they turn 35. Cities that do not attract them now will be hurting in a decade.

“It’s a zero-sum game,” said William H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, noting that one city’s gain can only be another’s loss. “These are rare and desirable people.”

They are people who, demographers say, are likely to choose a location before finding a job. They like downtown living, public transportation and plenty of entertainment options. They view diversity and tolerance as marks of sophistication.

The problem for cities, says Richard Florida, a public policy professor at George Mason University who has written about what he calls “the creative class,” is that those cities that already have a significant share of the young and restless are in the best position to attract more.
New York Times 11/25/2006.
Check out the article here.

Portland was ranked 4th in the U.S. as a city that’s attracting young entrepreneurs, artists and iconoclasts. The New York Times came by the office and took some photos for the article.

Civil War

First played in 1894, University of Oregon versus Oregon State University is the oldest college football rivalry on the West Coast of the United States, and the seventh longest in the nation.

The W+K Beaver showing some love for the U.O. Ducks

UPDATE: The OSU Beavers won on a blocked field goal in the closing seconds. Beavers, 30 v. Ducks, 28.

Pie in the sky


The 7th Annual Wieden & Kennedy Pie-Off was this afternoon. The tables were set for the Apple, Berry/Fruit, Cream/Meringue, Chocolate, Pumpkin, Brand, International, Miscellaneous and Pizza catorgries to strut their stuff to the entire agency.

Dan Sheniak was the Master of Ceremonies of this event and introduced this years contestants.

A select group of category judges mulled over their groups of pies and ultimately picked a group winner to make it to the final table where Mr. Dan Wieden would sample the finalists. The international category had a lone entrant from Tokyo brought over by Susan Hoffman.



Upon careful consideration, it was decided that this years Champion would be a classic Pumpkin pie.
This victory marks the first for the Pumpkin category and for Andrea Nelsen. To the victor go the spoils, a trip for two to San Francisco. A tremendous victory for this young Project Manager from Twin Cities.
With the smell of victory filling the atruim of the WK Global Headquarters it was time to release the hounds to share in the winnings.

Official Results of the 2006 W+K Pie-off:
Grand Prizes

1st – Andrea Nelsen / Pumpkin Pie with Nut crust
2nd – Lauren Brogan / Wild berry Crumble Crust
3rd – Amber Lavender / Coconut Crème Pie
Winners of Each Category
Pumpkin – Andrea Nelsen
Berry/Fruit – Lauren Brogan
Chocolate – Joani Wardwell
Cream/Meringue – Amber Lavender
Apple – David Kelly
Misc – Jeff Selis – Key Lime Pie
Brand – Chris Lawson with Cherry Coke Pie
International – W+K Tokyo with 4 day old Apple Pie that Hoffman schlepped from Tokyo to SF to PDX

Thanks to all of the participants and have a wonderful holiday.
See you next year!

Show us your pie

Today is the W+K annual pie off.



40+ Pies from around the globe (literally).

1 Dan Wieden.

1 Winner.

Here are some teasers.