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Starbucks Salon

Straight out of WK Studio! Designed, Illustrated and programmed right here. Interface Designer: Paul Bjork, Programming: Laurie Brown, Art Direction: Brad Trost, Copy Writers: Andrew Dickson and Jed Alger, and Interactive Producer: Bev Davis. The Starbucks Salon is a nomadic interactive coffeehouse, gallery, and performance venue rolled into one. The current salon event is Fashion Week in New York City. Showcasing music, spoken word and visual artists in different mediums. Salon is free to the public on a first come first serve basis. The site is an interactive event calendar, information guide and portrait drawing tool where you can upload any photo and draw a protrait. Submitted portraits to the site will be posted on the walls of the salon durring the event.

Go to and get busy slinging some ink in the portrait project section.

Iron Advertising


This year W+K 12 competed in Iron Artist, a competition to work as a team to create art out of a bunch of scrap material. It was so much fun. One of the students asked why we can’t create advertising that way. Sure.

Today in the atrium, 12 hosted IRON ADVERTISING. 6 teams of 3 (2 students + 1 WKer) were given a box of materials and 90 minutes to complete an assignment. No computers. Just scissors, glue, tape, brains.

Iron Advertising rules
1. Teams have 90 minutes to complete their work.
2. Work must be completed in the atrium.
3. Two team members must remain in the atrium at any given time.
4. With one exception (see #5) you must work with materials provided.
5. Each team may make up to 3 color photocopies of anything you’d like. 6. These may not be bartered. No other technology (computers/scanners/printers, etc.) of any kind may be used.



Here is the results. You make the call.


New to studio

Say Hi to Amy Corcoran as she is new to the studio this week. Amy is an NC State Alum and friend of Anna Gatewood from North Carolina. She is here to work on Starbucks and you may have seen her in passing over by the couches sitting near Yuke. Having moved here only 8 months ago, Amy is looking for a new part of town to live in to shorten up her commute from Clackamas. Give her the all knowing nod or say hi when you see her around.

Gettin’ Boozey with Aaron Lee




Aaron Lee wanted to celebrate his birthday booze cruise style. So, he invited 400 people to get boozey on a boat floating down the Willamette River. He has made a page on his site that has all of his photos from that night. Most of which are not safe for public consumption. All the more reason to check them out!