More Holiday Goodness


Ready for some more gorgeousness from the talented hands of our very own PDX Studio?

Here comes the 2015 Goodness calendar, 12 months of beautiful two-color Risograph printed pages designed especially for your viewing and scheduling pleasure. If you think it looks beautiful online, just wait until you see it next to your own desk (or your lucky, lucky friend’s).

Buy it here. And be sure to get your orders in before Friday, 12/19 to ensure it will ship in time for the holidays.


Get Your Hands On Some W+K Goodness

For this year’s Design Week Portland, our amazing Studio created a pop-up shop all about the creative process: W+K Goodness Workroom.

“Process is the adventure, the journey into uncharted territory. Best-laid plans aside, for most designers the end result of any project rarely bares much resemblance to the original concept. Of course everyone focuses on the final result, but for designers process is the journey that is equal parts comedy and tragedy, rife with success and, of course, plenty of failure.

And let’s cut to the chase, those bad days, when no idea seems to work, they fucking suck. Oh but those good days, when the clouds finally part, the stars align and the idea is fully realized beyond expectation, well they make it all worthwhile. Don’t they?”


If you didn’t make it out to their open house, fret not! You can still get your hands on some of the rad creations by the most talented people in the biz: check out the Goodness store featuring Workroom prints and other amazing goodies.

You can also jam to the Workroom Spotify playlist as you shop for Christmas gifts for your favorite creative person.


Visit the Goodness store here and check out W+K Studio on Instagram: @wkstudiopdx

Join Us This First Thursday To View Lot 1225


Join us in Portland this Thursday to see “Lot 1225″, a beautifully curated exhibition of artifacts from the Holiday Era.

Lot 1225 was discovered during an archaeological dig in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth. These artifacts date back to the late second millennium, and the archivists of The Snowflake Preservation Society have painstakingly assembled this exhibit.

It is our only window onto the world as it existed during the Holiday Era.

Call the museum’s docent at (503) 926-6333 to hear more about our exhibits, and RSVP to the event here.


Throwback Thursday: When People Tattoo Your Work On Their Body, You Can Say You’ve Made It


In 2006, the third class of W+K 12, Portland’s in-house advertising school, collaborated on a project to introduce themselves to the agency. That project was the “Fail Harder” wall, an art installation that remains one of the most popular pieces of art in the agency. Continue reading

When W+K Walked on the Wild Side

The Willamette Week recently spotlighted our 1985 spot for Honda scooters featuring Lou Reed as a significant moment in Portland’s history.

Dan and David had this to say:

“It saved our butt,” Kennedy said. “That was a pivotal point. The Honda spot ran–and Nike, whether that influenced them or not–came back to us.”

They also pointed out that the collaboration with editor Larry Bridges was essential to their success, both on this spot and with other iconic pieces, including 1988′s “Revolution” spot for Nike.

“This agency should be Wieden and Kennedy and Bridges,” Kennedy said.

“Yeah, because without that Bridge we wouldn’t have crossed a lot of ‘em,” Wieden added, laughing.

Check out the WW piece for an excellent summation on the spot’s significance for advertising in general and its impact on W+K’s business specifically, and the rest of their 40th anniversary special issue for some really excellent and interesting Portland history.

Also, while the above spot was for Honda Scooters, you can see our current slate of Honda brand work, which is handled by our London office.